Drought concentrate

The need for water increases during intense vegetation – the growth of each plant. For example, in the case of corn before panicle and silking stage, at the time of fertilization and grain filling stage, the plant needs moisture to develop normally. When the soil moisture drops below
10% of the maximum water capacity, the plant stops growing. It is necessary to achieve constant activity of the plant from the tree leaves and the root system, as the work of microorganisms that decompose organic matter in the soil is important.

blankFoliar fertilization aims to get macro and micro elements in full vegetation. In this stage of the plant, our anti-drought preparation comes to the fore. Drought concentrate, a unique composition on the markets of crops and horticulture, works very well in the semi-dry and dry periods of vegetation. It improves fertilization, grain filling and increases crop yields.

  • In rainy years 10-15%
  • In semi-dry years 25-35%
  • In dry years 40-80%

Essentially, in the dry period, FIPROT-F preparation provides a higher yield depending on how dry the year is. If we freely interpret this when the year is rainy, then the yields are much lower, i.e. slightly higher than the yield of untreated crops. That is, this preparation works by making the yields of corn per hectare in the dry period identical to that in the wet period.

In many years of analyses and testing, this product allows attracting moisture from a height of ~10m, per 1ha it has more than 2000l of water available every day, or 5l of water per 1m2. This allows moisture to be brought to the leaf, the tree and the root system. This means that the plant evolves or develops from a lower to a higher level, and can use nutrients even though the soil is dry, humidity is ~ 50% and temperatures are above 30 °C.


blankThe product is obtained from natural elements and compounds by a special technological process with the addition of macro and microelements.

Manner and time of application

Treated foliarly with standard sprayers. A concentrate of 5 l per hectare is poured into the tank (200,300,400 l), applied after 4-5 leaves, corn before panicle stage, once or twice. This product can be used with all pesticides where there is no copper as well as with fertilizers. Horticulture treatment: spray 2l/ha with sprayers (200,300,400l).


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