Fireproof and thermal insulation

Product name: FIPROT – S


Used for internal FP / TI protection of all metal surfaces:

  • Structural elements (beams, columns, etc.)
  • Sheet metal linings such as elements in the automotive, marine or airspace industry
  • Structural elements of wood or wooden surfaces


  • Mix well before each application/li>
  • Apply over a clean, grease-free surface. No rust protection is required on steel surfaces.
  • FIPROT –S, air and material temperature > 5
  • Humidity < 80%
  • FIPROT-S can be applied with a trowel or by spraying in a < 0.5 mm thick layer.
  • Nozzle size: air spray ~ 2-2.5 mm
  • Coating layer coverage 1: 1 x 400-500 g / m2
  • If multiple coats are required for protection, to prevent cracks in the coating, the first coat should be less than 400 g / m2. Nex layer is applied after the previous layer dries.
  • For spraying the thinner with water max. 10%
  • If FIPROT-S must be applied from different batches, mix the materials before use. Damage to the coating can be easily repaired after the application procedure.
  • Coating damage can be easily repaired.

Drying time

The drying time refers to a temperature of 20 °C and relative humidity of about 65%:

  • the first layer for at least 30 minutes (nail test)
  • the second layer is touched after 6 hours, dried for up to 24 hours

Environmental, health and safety data

As regulations are frequently revised, look for the actual FIPROT-S safety data sheet before using this product. One application does not exceed 400 g/m2 of coverage, depends on the desired level of FP / TI effect and when applied to wooden elements, depends on the type of wood, dryness of wood, pre-treatment of wood. It usually does not require a primer.

Technical sheet FP / (TI)

Rough hydrophilic coating for metal, synthetic fibers and wood, fiberglass, carbon. These are found in chassis casings, ship industry or airspace.

Safety at work

Use FIPROT – S in accordance with all applicable local and state regulations. Although it is not poisonous, the use of gloves and goggles is advised. If it spills on the skin, rinse it with water.

Technical specification

  • Rough surface coating
  • Easily withstands temperatures > 80 C
  • Does not contain harmful ingredients. Natural, environmental friendly.
  • Hydrophilic
  • Allows plastering and painting if aesthetically necessary
  • High adhesion, tolerates moderate material bending
  • Dimensionally stable when exposed to fire, does not release toxic substances or gases
  • pH ~ 9.7
  • Thermal conductivity λ = 0.26 V / 0C m2
  • Density ρ = 1.4 kg / l


Manufactured according to ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14000: 2012

Storage and transport

  • In dry conditions
  • Storage temperature min 2 °C, max. 30 °C
  • Shelf life of unopened containers: indefinite
  • Open containers must be carefully closed or washed in water after use


Supplied in 20 kg to 1000 kg buckets.


The above description is not exhaustive but for your information only. It is based on the results of controlled tests – experience gained in the application of this product by Eco Patents New company. Any person who uses this product for any purpose other than recommended without prior written confirmation from us does so at their own risk, and the company assumes no responsibility for the performance of the product or any loss or damage resulting from such use.


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